Margot Vanderstraeten,

tells us about her book ‘Minjan’

in which she describes new orthodox-Jewish encounters

after ‘Mazel tov’

One of those precious encounters was with

Silvain Salamon,

author of ‘De Mantel’,

a book of jewish short stories

which has been republished recently

!!! the interviews will take place in Dutch !!!


De Studio (room: het Salon)

Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen


WEDNESDAY 20/10/2021 (!!no places left!!)


THURSDAY 21/10/2021


from 19.30 onwards

Welcome at the Foyer of the Studio

Where you can have a drink before the interview



Latest arrival at the Salon on the 1st Floor



Interview with both authors


Followed by questions of the audience



 In the Foyer of the Studio: you are welcome for an after-talk with a glass,

one consumption is offered by C-Cityhost



18 Euro (under 35 yrs: 5 euro) – 1 consumption included


Subscribing is necessary

via mail

preferably before 01/10/2021

After having received a confirmation mail, payment should be done

on BE47 0018 1902 9680 of “Christiane Corluy, C-Cityhost”


Max. 80 participants


IMPORTANT : only persons in possession of a CORONA-CERTIFICATE will be allowed to this activity. In general this is not a requirement for activities with less than 200 participants for the moment, but it’s logical as precaution for any group activity these days. (Corona-certificate: on the date of the interview having been fully vaccinated for more than 2 weeks or having passed a recent negative PCR-test or having a valid recovery certifcate).

Registration for this activity includes automatically your declaration of possessing a corona-certificate for yourself and for all the persons you are registering.