GUIDED TOUR in an interesing part of BERCHEM

THURSDAY EVENING 23 / 07 / 2020



in an interesting part of



Welcome at 18.00: ‘Zelda & Zorro’,

in the ancient Court House of Berchem

Grote Steenweg 13, 2600 Berchem

We drink a glass at the bar or in the garden


City Guide Alex Elaut takes us on a walk in the neighborhood at 18.30 and tells us about

the history of the building

the small castles, the basilica, the new building of the Provincial government (only outside), the Albert Park to take us to our final destination, passing the De Coninck Brewery


We end our tour at 20.00

 in the summerbar ‘Summer BREW’

Boomgaardstraat 17, 2018 Antwerpen

where we can order a small bite to eat indoors or outdoors

Ticket: 18 euro (drinks and food not included) / under 35 y: 8 euro

Max. 15 persons (Corona restrictions)

Subscribing is necessary, pref. before 20/07/2020:


After having received a confirmation mail, payment can be done on
BE47 0018 1902 9680 of “Christiane Corluy, C-Cityhost”


More information about the start- and end location:


Corona restrictions

-the start location is privately reserved for our group of 15 persons

-weather permitting, we choose for the outdoors setting for a drink and for a meal

-if ever it rains, there is enough space in both indoor settings. For the moment the weather predictions are very positive and we count on a full outdoor activity

-during the whole activity it’s possible to keep 1,5 m distance

-the end location has been checked. Corona restrictions are followed as required. We eat outside, we booked seated places, with sufficient distance from other guests, and with the possibility to keep distance within our group